Lutro - Documentation

Getting Started

Get a Lutro plus a libretro frontend

The easiest way to get Lutro is by downloading and installing Ludo.

Ludo is like RetroArch an emulator frontend.
Think of it as a user interface that can run many retro games, including Lutro games.

Get a sample game

You can download this example game that was created to help you get started with Lutro:

Launch a game

  1. Launch Ludo
  2. Go to Load Core (pressing X)
  3. Load the core named lutro_libretro
  4. Go back to the main menu (pressing Z)
  5. Go to Load Game
  6. Navigate to lutro-snake and select the main.lua file.

The game should launch.

Launch a game from the command line

You can also launch games using the CLI. Starting from the directory of Ludo.

On Windows, in a shell like Git Bash:
./ludo.exe -L cores/lutro_libretro.dll path/to/lutro-snake/
On Mac OS:
./ludo -L cores/lutro_libretro.dylib path/to/lutro-snake/
On Linux:
./ludo -L cores/ path/to/lutro-snake/